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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Slippery When Wet Cards (sorted by type)

This is a list of all the Slippery When Wet cards, sorted by type. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

Action (50)

021 Dodge Fixed Action  
024 Swept Away Fixed Action  
046 Choke Fixed Action  
049 Defensive Tactics Fixed Action  
051 The Way Through Fixed Action  
054 Look Again Fixed Action  
070 Steady Aim Fixed/Common Action  
071 Over Achiever Fixed/Common Action  
072 Panic Attack Fixed/Common Action  
073 Flotsam and Jetsam Fixed/Common Action  
074 Swim Fixed/Common Action  
075 Ready, Set, Go Common Action  
076 Blood in the Water Common Action  
077 First off the Line Common Action  
079 Reevaluate Common Action  
080 Go in Shooting Common Action  
081 No Pain, No Gain Common Action  
083 Ride the Wave Common Action  
084 Monkey Swing Common Action  
085 Overwhelmed Common Action  
086 Sleight of Hand Common Action  
087 Last Gasp Common Action  
089 Water Grave Common Action  
090 You Lose Common Action  
091 Sudden Drop Common Action  
092 Roll With It Common Action  
093 Scouting Mission Common Action  
094 Recycle Resources Common Action  
097 Hidden Trap Common Action  
121 Passport Uncommon Action  
122 False Trail Uncommon Action  
123 No Retreat Uncommon Action  
124 Mother Lode Uncommon Action  
125 Reverse Play Uncommon Action  
126 Trip Uncommon Action  
127 Disorientation Uncommon Action  
139 Moment of Triumph Uncommon Action  
140 King of the Hill Uncommon Action  
144 Beat Feet Uncommon Action  
145 Underwater Grapple Uncommon Action  
147 Torn Loose Uncommon Action  
171 Rest and Recover Rare Action  
172 Secrets Revealed Rare Action  
173 Limiting Options Rare Action  
174 Winston Rare Action  
175 It Belongs in a Museum Rare Action  
176 Maximize Resources Rare Action  
177 Mapped Terrain Rare Action  
214 Keep Your Cool Promo Action  
215 A Small Favor Promo Action  

Discovery (29)

088 Native Guide Common Discovery Companion 
131 Parrot Uncommon Discovery Companion 
166 Friendly Soldier Rare Discovery Companion 
023 Snorkeling Goggles Fixed Discovery Item 
048 Diving Flippers Fixed Discovery Item 
052 Small Medi Pack Fixed Discovery Item 
053 Magnum Pistols Fixed Discovery Item 
066 Shark Knife Fixed/Common Discovery Item 
068 Air Tank Fixed/Common Discovery Item 
078 Harpoons Common Discovery Item 
100 Chalk Common Discovery Item 
120 Harpoon Gun Uncommon Discovery Item 
128 Gun Belt Uncommon Discovery Item 
129 Mechanical Cog Uncommon Discovery Item 
130 Propulsion Unit Uncommon Discovery Item 
134 Depth Gauge Uncommon Discovery Item 
135 Ornate Key Uncommon Discovery Item 
165 Blow Gun Rare Discovery Item 
167 Shark Tooth Rare Discovery Item 
168 Roman Idol Rare Discovery Item 
169 Leather Gloves Rare Discovery Item 
170 Grenade Rare Discovery Item 
056 Hidden Exit Fixed Discovery Trigger 
057 Triggered Door Fixed Discovery Trigger 
058 Save Point Fixed Discovery Trigger 
059 Air Pocket Fixed/Common Discovery Trigger 
060 Drain Trigger Fixed/Common Discovery Trigger 
132 Flood Gate Uncommon Discovery Trigger 
133 Drain Pipe Uncommon Discovery Trigger 

Location (62)

156 Testing Chamber Rare Location  
157 Water Spout Rare Location  
158 Floating Chamber Rare Location  
153 Secret Depths Rare Location Atlantis Water 
154 Twisting Tunnel Rare Location Cave Water 
001 Beach Fixed Location Pacific 
002 The Shallows Fixed Location Pacific 
004 Quiet Chamber Fixed Location Pacific 
006 Boulder Field Fixed Location Pacific 
007 Intersection Fixed Location Pacific 
011 Hidden Lair Fixed Location Pacific 
013 Storage Area Fixed Location Pacific 
015 Cavern Corridor Fixed Location Pacific 
017 Corner Room Fixed Location Pacific 
003 Whirlpool Fixed Location Pacific Water 
005 Underground Lake Fixed Location Pacific Water 
008 Underwater Trench Fixed Location Pacific Water 
009 Underwater Tunnels Fixed Location Pacific Water 
010 Sea Caves Fixed Location Pacific Water 
012 Underwater Cavern Fixed Location Pacific Water 
014 Underground River Fixed Location Pacific Water 
016 Sunken Hallway Fixed Location Pacific Water 
018 Canal Fixed Location Pacific Water 
152 Echo Cavern Rare Location Pacific Water 
026 Diving Platform Fixed Location Roman 
027 Fountain Room Fixed Location Roman 
029 Blocked Passage Fixed Location Roman 
031 Abandoned Chamber Fixed Location Roman 
033 Hidden Back Room Fixed Location Roman 
034 Forgotten Corridor Fixed Location Roman 
035 Crate Room Fixed Location Roman 
038 Crawl Space Fixed Location Roman 
040 Side Passageway Fixed Location Roman 
028 Neptune's Sanctum Fixed Location Roman Water 
030 The Dark Deep Fixed Location Roman Water 
032 Underwater Arena Fixed Location Roman Water 
036 Submerged Ramp Fixed Location Roman Water 
037 Sunken Platform Fixed Location Roman Water 
039 Underwater Passage Fixed Location Roman Water 
041 Channel Fixed Location Roman Water 
042 Murky Depths Fixed Location Roman Water 
043 Pool Fixed Location Roman Water 
151 Watery Crypt Rare Location Roman Water 
101 Captain's Cabin Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
104 The Ballroom Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
105 Boiler Room Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
106 Engine Room Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
110 Staircase Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
114 Upper Deck Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
115 Cargo Hold Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
116 Dark Hallway Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
117 Gangplank Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
118 Navigation Room Uncommon Location Shipwreck 
102 Treasure Hold Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
103 The Hull Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
107 Below Decks Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
108 Sunken Wreckage Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
109 Lower Chamber Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
111 Keel Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
112 Starboard Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
113 Port Side Uncommon Location Shipwreck Water 
155 Flooded Fork Rare Location Tomb Water 

Obstacle (33)

022 Shark Fixed Obstacle Creature 
047 Gigantic Eel Fixed Obstacle Creature 
061 Frogman Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
062 Rats Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
063 Crocodile Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
082 Angry Native Common Obstacle Creature 
098 Monkey Common Obstacle Creature 
099 Snake Common Obstacle Creature 
119 Killer Whales Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
146 Zombie Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
148 Piranhas Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
149 Shiva Statue Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
150 Rig Worker Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
159 Puna Rare Obstacle Creature 
160 Rig Boss Rare Obstacle Creature 
161 Shiva Rare Obstacle Creature 
025 Riptide Fixed Obstacle Trap 
050 Geyser Eruption Fixed Obstacle Trap 
055 Pit Trap Fixed Obstacle Trap 
064 Strong Currents Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
065 Dark Fixed Obstacle Trap 
067 Slick Surface Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
095 Mud Common Obstacle Trap 
096 Underwater Grate Common Obstacle Trap 
136 Quick Sand Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
137 Mud Slide Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
138 Collapsing Pillars Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
141 Puzzle Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
142 Sliding Plates Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
143 Spinning Platform Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
162 Open Pit Rare Obstacle Trap 
163 Whirling Blades Rare Obstacle Trap 
164 Cage Trap Rare Obstacle Trap 

Raider (10)

019 Lara Croft, Scuba Diver Fixed Raider Power 1 
044 Lara Croft, Mariner Fixed Raider Power 1 
183 Lara Croft, Code Breaker Rare Raider Power 1 
184 Lara Croft, Crusader Rare Raider Power 1 
185 Lara Croft, Athlete Rare Raider Power 1 
196 Sergeant Steel Rare Raider Power 1 
197 Black Beard Rare Raider Power 1 
198 Gemini Rare Raider Power 1 
199 Pisces Rare Raider Power 1 
200 Marianis Rare Raider Power 1 

Secret Move (9)

201 Damage Control Ultra Rare Secret Move  
202 Costume Change Ultra Rare Secret Move  
203 High and Dry Ultra Rare Secret Move  
204 Age of Aquarius Ultra Rare Secret Move  
205 Tools of the Trade Ultra Rare Secret Move  
206 Aquatic Specialist Ultra Rare Secret Move  
207 Team Leader Ultra Rare Secret Move  
208 Hidden Maneuvers Ultra Rare Secret Move  
209 Charmed Life Ultra Rare Secret Move  

Treasure (7)

020 Pearl of the Pacific Fixed Treasure Power 1 
045 Neptune's Trident Fixed Treasure Power 1 
178 Hand of Midas Rare Treasure Power 1 
179 Dread Robert's Eye Rare Treasure Power 2 
180 Pieces of Eight Rare Treasure Power 2 
181 Davy Jones' Locker Rare Treasure Power 3 
182 Horn of the Sea Rare Treasure Power 3 

Upgrade (12)

069 Lara Croft, Oceanographer Fixed/Common Upgrade Power 2 
187 Lara Croft, Strategist Rare Upgrade Power 2 
188 Lara Croft, Tactician Rare Upgrade Power 2 
186 Lara Croft, Olympian Rare Upgrade Power 3 
189 Lara Croft, Navigator Rare Upgrade Power 3 
191 Skateboard Kid, Mad Thrasher Rare Upgrade Power 3 
192 The Bald Man, Man Hunter Rare Upgrade Power 3 
193 Larsen, Master Thief Rare Upgrade Power 3 
194 Pierre, Renaissance Man Rare Upgrade Power 3 
195 Cowboy, Sharp Shooter Rare Upgrade Power 3 
190 Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Rare Upgrade Power 4 
216 Lara Croft, Siren Promo Upgrade Power 4 

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