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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by type)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by type. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

Action (54)

Discovery (31)

Location (64)

Obstacle (33)

022 Bear Fixed Obstacle Creature 
025 Wolf Pack Fixed Obstacle Creature 
059 Bats Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
060 Wolves Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
079 Natla's Thug Common Obstacle Creature 
131 Lion Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
132 Gorilla Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
133 Pumas Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
134 Natla Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
135 Atlantean Horseman Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
136 Natla's Sniper Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
161 Flying Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
162 Crawling Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
163 Atlantean Lara Rare Obstacle Creature 
164 Atlantean Big Boss Rare Obstacle Creature 
165 Atlantean Natla Rare Obstacle Creature 
047 Spiked Slope Fixed Obstacle Trap 
050 Gap Fixed Obstacle Trap 
058 Rough Ground Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
062 Pit Trap Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
064 Dart Trap Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
065 Dark Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
137 Falling Boulder Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
138 Spike Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
139 Blinding Flash Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
140 Break-Away Floor Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
149 Gnashing Teeth Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
150 Deep Pit Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
166 Lava Flow Rare Obstacle Trap 
167 Crushing Stone Trap Rare Obstacle Trap 
168 Toxic Fumes Rare Obstacle Trap 
169 Spiked Floor Rare Obstacle Trap 
170 TNT Rare Obstacle Trap 

Raider (9)

Secret Move (9)

201 Smoking Guns Ultra Rare Secret Move  
202 Rope Maneuver Ultra Rare Secret Move  
203 Clean Sweep Ultra Rare Secret Move  
204 Divert and Escape Ultra Rare Secret Move  
205 Silver Bullet Ultra Rare Secret Move  
206 Endurance Training Ultra Rare Secret Move  
207 Reflection of Fate Ultra Rare Secret Move  
208 Lock and Load Ultra Rare Secret Move  
209 Three of a Kind Ultra Rare Secret Move  

Special (1)

Treasure (7)

Upgrade (5)

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