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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by rarity)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by rarity. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

Fixed (50)

Fixed/Common (22)

Common (28)

Uncommon (50)

Rare (50)

151 Sanctuary Rare Location  
152 Revolving Door Rare Location Atlantean 
153 Difficult Slope Rare Location Cave 
154 Tiger Trap Rare Location Tomb 
155 Secret Room Rare Location  
156 Meditation Chamber Rare Location  
157 Empty Room Rare Location  
158 Waterfall Rare Location  
159 Bottleneck Rare Location  
160 DeathTrap? Rare Location  
161 Flying Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
162 Crawling Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
163 Atlantean Lara Rare Obstacle Creature 
164 Atlantean Big Boss Rare Obstacle Creature 
165 Atlantean Natla Rare Obstacle Creature 
166 Lava Flow Rare Obstacle Trap 
167 Crushing Stone Trap Rare Obstacle Trap 
168 Toxic Fumes Rare Obstacle Trap 
169 Spiked Floor Rare Obstacle Trap 
170 TNT Rare Obstacle Trap 
171 Uzi Rare Discovery Item 
172 Cool Shades Rare Discovery Item 
173 Stone Tablet Rare Discovery Item 
174 Laptop Computer Rare Discovery Item 
175 Treasure Map Rare Discovery Trigger 
176 Charm of the Beast Rare Discovery Item 
177 Infrared Goggles Rare Discovery Item 
178 Unpleasant Surprise Rare Discovery Trigger 
179 Secret Passage Rare Discovery Trigger 
180 Scope Rare Discovery Item 
181 I'm Sorry Rare Action  
182 Luck of the Draw Rare Action  
183 Poor Aim Rare Action  
184 No Fallback Rare Action  
185 Superior Tactics Rare Action  
186 Idol of the Wolf Rare Treasure Power 2 
187 Atlantean DNA Rare Treasure Power 3 
188 Atlantean Scion Rare Treasure Power 1 
189 Incan Spirit Cloak Rare Treasure Power 3 
190 Map of Indiana Rare Treasure Power 2 
191 Lara Croft, Acrobat Rare Raider Power 1 
192 Lara Croft, Duelist Rare Raider Power 1 
193 Lara Croft, Victor Rare Upgrade Power 2 
194 Lara Croft, Millionaire Rare Upgrade Power 3 
195 Lara Croft, Archaeologist Rare Upgrade Power 3 
196 Pierre Rare Raider Power 1 
197 Larsen Rare Raider Power 1 
198 Cowboy Rare Raider Power 1 
199 Skateboard Kid Rare Raider Power 1 
200 The Bald Man Rare Raider Power 1 

Ultra Rare (9)

Promo (4)

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