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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by name)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by name. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

A (17)

B (17)

C (19)

D (12)

065 Dark Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
064 Dart Trap Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
034 Dead End Fixed Location Tomb 
160 DeathTrap? Rare Location  
150 Deep Pit Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
084 Detailed Search Common Action  
153 Difficult Slope Rare Location Cave 
005 Dim Cavern Fixed Location Cave 
204 Divert and Escape Ultra Rare Secret Move  
042 Dizzying Heights Fixed Location Tomb 
110 Drawbridge Uncommon Location Atlantean 
081 Drive Out Common Action  

E (5)

F (8)

G (7)

H (4)

I (9)

J (2)

K (1)

L (25)

M (4)

N (6)

O (4)

P (6)

Q (1)

R (8)

S (30)

T (15)

U (5)

W (7)

Z (1)

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