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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by name)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by name. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

A (17)

B (17)

078 Backflip Common Action  
048 Backpack Fixed Discovery Item 
122 Bait and Switch Uncommon Action  
010 Bat Cave Fixed Location Cave 
016 Bat Roost Fixed Location Cave 
039 Bat Shrine Fixed Location Tomb 
059 Bats Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
022 Bear Fixed Obstacle Creature 
014 Bend Left Fixed Location Cave 
144 Binoculars Uncommon Discovery Item 
043 Blind Corner Fixed Location Tomb 
139 Blinding Flash Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
159 Bottleneck Rare Location  
032 Boulder Passage Fixed Location Tomb 
021 Bounty Fixed Action  
140 Break-Away Floor Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
041 Broken Passage Fixed Location Tomb 

C (19)

D (12)

E (5)

F (8)

G (7)

H (4)

I (9)

J (2)

K (1)

L (25)

M (4)

N (6)

O (4)

P (6)

Q (1)

R (8)

S (30)

T (15)

U (5)

W (7)

Z (1)

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