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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Premier Cards (sorted by name)

This is a list of all the Premier cards, sorted by name. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

A (17)

100 Achilles Heel Common Action  
128 Adapt and Overcome Uncommon Action  
096 All or Nothing Common Action  
083 Ambush Common Action  
143 Ancient Glyph Uncommon Discovery Item 
164 Atlantean Big Boss Rare Obstacle Creature 
187 Atlantean DNA Rare Treasure Power 3 
135 Atlantean Horseman Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
113 Atlantean Lair Uncommon Location Atlantean 
163 Atlantean Lara Rare Obstacle Creature 
146 Atlantean Life Amulet Uncommon Discovery Trigger 
165 Atlantean Natla Rare Obstacle Creature 
103 Atlantean Save Uncommon Location Atlantean 
188 Atlantean Scion Rare Treasure Power 1 
118 Atlantean Treasure Uncommon Location Atlantean 
099 Attack From Behind Common Action  
093 Attention to Detail Common Action  

B (17)

078 Backflip Common Action  
048 Backpack Fixed Discovery Item 
122 Bait and Switch Uncommon Action  
010 Bat Cave Fixed Location Cave 
016 Bat Roost Fixed Location Cave 
039 Bat Shrine Fixed Location Tomb 
059 Bats Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
022 Bear Fixed Obstacle Creature 
014 Bend Left Fixed Location Cave 
144 Binoculars Uncommon Discovery Item 
043 Blind Corner Fixed Location Tomb 
139 Blinding Flash Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
159 Bottleneck Rare Location  
032 Boulder Passage Fixed Location Tomb 
021 Bounty Fixed Action  
140 Break-Away Floor Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
041 Broken Passage Fixed Location Tomb 

C (19)

124 Carpe Conundrum Uncommon Action  
001 Cave Entrance Fixed Location Cave 
176 Charm of the Beast Rare Discovery Item 
109 Chasm Uncommon Location Atlantean 
070 Chute Trap Fixed/Common Action  
020 Claw of the Cave Bear Fixed Treasure Power 1 
203 Clean Sweep Ultra Rare Secret Move  
097 Collapsing Exit Common Action  
123 Collateral Damage Uncommon Action  
148 Combat Knife Uncommon Discovery Item 
141 Compass Uncommon Discovery Item 
075 Concentration Common Action  
172 Cool Shades Rare Discovery Item 
087 Coordinated Fire Common Action  
198 Cowboy Rare Raider Power 1 
116 Crawler Range Uncommon Location Atlantean 
162 Crawling Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
167 Crushing Stone Trap Rare Obstacle Trap 
082 Cursed Idol Common Discovery Item 

D (12)

065 Dark Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
064 Dart Trap Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
034 Dead End Fixed Location Tomb 
160 DeathTrap? Rare Location  
150 Deep Pit Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
084 Detailed Search Common Action  
153 Difficult Slope Rare Location Cave 
005 Dim Cavern Fixed Location Cave 
204 Divert and Escape Ultra Rare Secret Move  
042 Dizzying Heights Fixed Location Tomb 
110 Drawbridge Uncommon Location Atlantean 
081 Drive Out Common Action  

E (5)

157 Empty Room Rare Location  
033 End of Line Fixed Location Tomb 
013 End of Slide Fixed Location Cave 
206 Endurance Training Ultra Rare Secret Move  
035 Engraved Passage Fixed Location Tomb 

F (8)

137 Falling Boulder Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
024 Ferocious Attack Fixed Action  
080 Flare Common Discovery Item 
114 Fleeting Beauty Uncommon Location Atlantean 
161 Flying Atlantean Rare Obstacle Creature 
088 Fool's Gambit Common Action  
009 Fork Fixed Location Cave 
089 Fresh Start Common Action  

G (7)

050 Gap Fixed Obstacle Trap 
006 Giant Cavern Fixed Location Cave 
104 Giant Steps Uncommon Location Atlantean 
149 Gnashing Teeth Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
052 Good Shot Fixed/Common Action  
132 Gorilla Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
098 Guarded Attack Common Action  

H (4)

111 Hall of Revelation Uncommon Location Atlantean 
018 Hard Right Fixed Location Cave 
015 Hidden Corner Fixed Location Cave 
071 Hidden Exit Fixed/Common Discovery Trigger 

I (9)

121 I Can Do That Uncommon Action  
181 I'm Sorry Rare Action  
045 Idol of Fortune Fixed Treasure Power 1 
145 Idol of Life Uncommon Discovery Trigger 
186 Idol of the Wolf Rare Treasure Power 2 
085 Improvise Common Action  
189 Incan Spirit Cloak Rare Treasure Power 3 
177 Infrared Goggles Rare Discovery Item 
095 Insight Common Action  

J (2)

112 Jagged Cavern Uncommon Location Atlantean 
056 Just Made it Fixed/Common Action  

K (1)

212 Karmic Balance Promo Action  

L (25)

174 Laptop Computer Rare Discovery Item 
191 Lara Croft, Acrobat Rare Raider Power 1 
067 Lara Croft, Adventurer Fixed/Common Upgrade Power 2 
195 Lara Croft, Archaeologist Rare Upgrade Power 3 
192 Lara Croft, Duelist Rare Raider Power 1 
210 Lara Croft, Explorer Promo Upgrade Power 2 
194 Lara Croft, Millionaire Rare Upgrade Power 3 
019 Lara Croft, Spelunker Fixed Raider Power 1 
044 Lara Croft, Treasure Hunter Fixed Raider Power 1 
193 Lara Croft, Victor Rare Upgrade Power 2 
147 Large Medi Pack Uncommon Discovery Item 
197 Larsen Rare Raider Power 1 
117 Lava Fall Uncommon Location Atlantean 
166 Lava Flow Rare Obstacle Trap 
105 Lava Straits Uncommon Location Atlantean 
023 Leather Jacket Fixed Discovery Item 
211 Lenticular Promo Special  
213 Lil Ol Me? Promo Action  
131 Lion Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
074 Loaded For Bear Common Action  
208 Lock and Load Ultra Rare Secret Move  
051 Look Again Fixed/Common Action  
049 Lost Fixed Action  
182 Luck of the Draw Rare Action  
108 Lure Uncommon Location Atlantean 

M (4)

068 Magnum Pistols Fixed/Common Discovery Item 
190 Map of Indiana Rare Treasure Power 2 
107 Maze Uncommon Location Atlantean 
156 Meditation Chamber Rare Location  

N (6)

031 Narrow Crossing Fixed Location Tomb 
134 Natla Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
136 Natla's Sniper Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
079 Natla's Thug Common Obstacle Creature 
184 No Fallback Rare Action  
038 No Return Fixed Location Tomb 

O (4)

091 One Slim Chance Common Action  
007 Open Cavern Fixed Location Cave 
090 Over Encumbered Common Action  
008 Overlook Fixed Location Cave 

P (6)

196 Pierre Rare Raider Power 1 
062 Pit Trap Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
017 Pond Fixed Location Cave 
183 Poor Aim Rare Action  
133 Pumas Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
063 Push Fixed/Common Action  

Q (1)

076 Quick Assessment Common Action  

R (8)

207 Reflection of Fate Ultra Rare Secret Move  
152 Revolving Door Rare Location Atlantean 
055 Rope Fixed/Common Discovery Item 
202 Rope Maneuver Ultra Rare Secret Move  
058 Rough Ground Fixed/Common Obstacle Trap 
037 Rough Staircase Fixed Location Tomb 
072 Run Fixed/Common Action  
142 Rusty Key Uncommon Discovery Item 

S (30)

002 Safe Cave Fixed Location Cave 
027 Safe Chamber Fixed Location Tomb 
151 Sanctuary Rare Location  
061 Save Point Fixed/Common Discovery Trigger 
129 Scent the Prey Uncommon Action  
180 Scope Rare Discovery Item 
179 Secret Passage Rare Discovery Trigger 
155 Secret Room Rare Location  
040 Sharp Bend Fixed Location Tomb 
012 Sharp T Fixed Location Cave 
120 Shotgun Uncommon Discovery Item 
073 Shotgun Ammo Common Discovery Item 
205 Silver Bullet Ultra Rare Secret Move  
199 Skateboard Kid Rare Raider Power 1 
004 Skeletal Remains Fixed Location Cave 
030 Slice and Dice Fixed Location Tomb 
029 Slide Fixed Location Tomb 
069 Small Medi Pack Fixed/Common Discovery Item 
201 Smoking Guns Ultra Rare Secret Move  
130 Snake Eyes Uncommon Action  
046 Snoop Ahead Fixed Action  
102 Sphere Room Uncommon Location Atlantean 
138 Spike Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
169 Spiked Floor Rare Obstacle Trap 
047 Spiked Slope Fixed Obstacle Trap 
066 Steal Item Fixed/Common Action  
173 Stone Tablet Rare Discovery Item 
115 Storehouse Uncommon Location Atlantean 
185 Superior Tactics Rare Action  
094 Sure Footing Common Action  

T (15)

170 TNT Rare Obstacle Trap 
057 Take Aim Fixed/Common Action  
200 The Bald Man Rare Raider Power 1 
126 The Greater Threat Uncommon Action  
077 The Second Barrel Common Action  
053 The Way Through Fixed/Common Action  
209 Three of a Kind Ultra Rare Secret Move  
154 Tiger Trap Rare Location Tomb 
026 Tomb Entrance Fixed Location Tomb 
168 Toxic Fumes Rare Obstacle Trap 
127 Training Exercise Uncommon Action  
003 Treasure Cave Fixed Location Cave 
175 Treasure Map Rare Discovery Trigger 
028 Treasure Vault Fixed Location Tomb 
054 Triggered Door Fixed/Common Discovery Trigger 

U (5)

036 Uneven Corridor Fixed Location Tomb 
178 Unpleasant Surprise Rare Discovery Trigger 
125 Unstoppable Uncommon Action  
171 Uzi Rare Discovery Item 
119 Uzi Clip Uncommon Discovery Item 

W (7)

158 Waterfall Rare Location  
086 Weapon Jam Common Action  
106 Wellspring Uncommon Location Atlantean 
011 Wolf Bridge Fixed Location Cave 
025 Wolf Pack Fixed Obstacle Creature 
060 Wolves Fixed/Common Obstacle Creature 
092 Worst Case Common Action  

Z (1)

101 Zoo Uncommon Location Atlantean 

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