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Tomb Raider CCG Errata

The following new rules, clarifications, and errata have been issued for the Premier, Slippery When Wet, and Big Guns Editions of Tomb Raider. Where possible, rules within each major heading are listed alphabetically, with card-specific rulings appearing last.

Errata and Clarifications

Big Guns

The Brontosaurus found in the Swamp has a life total, but can't be Fought. This was intentionial, much like the Piranhas in Slippery When Wet; this guy is unique in the fact that it takes non-convential weapons like the grenade to even scratch him.

The Compsognathus obstacle can be fought, but doesn't have a life total listed. They can not be killed.

Slippery When Wet

Limiting Options has been changed, and now has the following effect text: Remove the top 3 cards from any discard pile and this card from the game.

Premier Edition

Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Clip have the boldface word Ammo. on them.

Slippery When Wet New Rules

Slippery When Wet introduces three new icons: Wet, Dry, and a combination of both Wet and Dry. Many cards and their effects change in the game depending on whether a location is Wet or Dry.


Some locations are underwater. These are Wet locations, and so have a Wet icon. All other locations are Dry. Some game effects can flood a dry location, making it a wet location, while others can drain all the water from a Wet location (making it Dry). Any change like this is permanent. When a change like this happens, any creature at that location that is not Wet/Dry is killed. Any other non-Wet/Dry obstacles or location text is inactive untill the location is returned to it's previous state (Wet or Dry). Special locations cannot be flooded or drained.


Wet obstacles can only be played at Wet locations. Wet/Dry obstacles can be played at Wet or Dry locations. Any other obstacle is Dry, and can only be played at Dry locations. Note: If an obstacle card is Wet/Dry, then any time that obstacle appears on a location it is also Wet/Dry. This includes Dark, Rats, and Crocodile obstacles.


Discoveries can be played at either Wet or Dry locations, except for a new kind of discovery, the Companion. Discoveries work normally at both Wet and Dry locations except for weapon items. Wet/Dry weapons work equally well at Wet and Dry locations. Wet weapons work normally at Wet locations, but do not work at Dry locations. All other weapons are Dry, and do not work at Wet locations. Note: Save Points, like other discoveries, are considered Wet/Dry and so do not become inactive if a location is flooded or drained, even if printed on the location card itself.

Wet Combat

When a Tomb Raider who is not using a Wet/Dry weapon wins a fight test at a water location, the Tomb Raider inflicts a base damage of 0 instead of 1. In addition, see Air Supply, below.

Air Supply

All Tomb Raiders now have an Air Supply rating. Tomb Raiders now start with a maximum air supply of 6. If an effect or rule tells you to "fill" your air supply, you may change your air supply to maximum. During play, your air supply may increase or decrease. Normally, if you are told to increase your air supply by a specific amount, it cannot go above your maximum. If your air supply ever drops below 1, your Tomb Raider dies. If a Tomb Raider enters a Dry location, resets, or starts a new level, fill her air supply (to maximum). When a Tomb Raider enters a Wet location, she looses 1 air supply. Each time a Tomb Raider makes a test during the Action or Search Round at a Wet location she also loses 1 air supply.

Companion Discoveries

Companions are a new type of discovery. They are treated like normal discoveries with the following exceptions:

  1. Companions can only be discovered at Dry locations.
  2. You can only control 1 copy of any given Companion card at a time.
  3. Companion discoveries cannot be saved.

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