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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Big Guns Cards (sorted by number)

This is a list of all the Big Guns cards, sorted by number. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

Number Card Rarity Type Subtype

001-020 (16)

001 Campsite Common Location Lost Valley 
002 Tribal Village Common Location Lost Valley 
003 Alcove Common Location Lost Valley 
004 T-Rex Lair Common Location Lost Valley 
005 Rocket Common Discovery Item 
006 Machete Common Discovery Item 
007 Cat Idol Common Discovery Item 
008 Armored Vest Common Discovery Item 
009 Hidden Switch Common Discovery Trigger 
010 Stopwatch Common Discovery Item 
011 Compsognathus Common Obstacle Creature 
012 Thick Fog Common Obstacle Trap 
013 Witchdoctor Common Obstacle Creature 
014 Tribal Warrior Common Obstacle Creature 
015 Wasps Common Obstacle Creature 
016 Tar Pits Common Obstacle Trap 

021-040 (16)

041-060 (16)

061-080 (32)

081-100 (20)

101-120 (20)

121-140 (20)

141-160 (19)

201-220 (3)

221-240 (4)

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