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Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game
Big Guns Cards (sorted by name)

This is a list of all the Big Guns cards, sorted by name. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

# Card Rarity Type Subtype

A (13)

157 Acquired Learning Ultra Rare Secret Move  
021 Aftershock Common Obstacle Trap 
048 Air Bubble Common Action  
003 Alcove Common Location Lost Valley 
050 All Out Attack Common Action  
144 Amazon Rare Raider Power 1 
147 Amber Fossil Rare Treasure Power 1 
148 Ancient Relic Rare Treasure Power 2 
074 Ancient Ruins Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
076 Antechamber Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
049 Aquatic Assault Common Action  
151 Armed and Dangerous Ultra Rare Secret Move  
008 Armored Vest Common Discovery Item 

B (4)

159 Backup Plan Ultra Rare Secret Move  
027 Bestial Rage Common Action  
139 Black Beard, Buccaneer Rare Upgrade Power 3 
073 Broken Bridge Uncommon Location Lost Valley 

C (10)

001 Campsite Common Location Lost Valley 
007 Cat Idol Common Discovery Item 
066 Chasm Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
218 Cheat Codes Promo Action  
055 Cliff Face Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
026 Competitive Drive Common Action  
011 Compsognathus Common Obstacle Creature 
091 Cooperation Uncommon Action  
060 Crash Site Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
024 Crows Common Obstacle Creature 

D (15)

150 Dagger of Xian Rare Treasure Power 3 
098 Dangerous Terrain Uncommon Action  
059 Dark Corridor Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
030 Delaying Tactics Common Action  
119 Detailed Study Rare Action  
041 Direct Assault Common Action  
038 Disarm Trap Common Action  
079 Diving Suit Uncommon Discovery Item 
141 Dr. Virgo Rare Raider Power 1 
116 Dragon Rare Obstacle Creature 
111 Dragon Idol Rare Discovery Item 
107 Dream State Rare Discovery Trigger 
222 Dressed to Kill Promo Action  
097 Drop Down Uncommon Action  
075 Dry River Bed Uncommon Location Lost Valley 

E (2)

114 Earthquake Rare Obstacle Trap 
033 Easy Find Common Action  

F (9)

112 Faithful Butler Rare Discovery Companion 
057 Firing Platform Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
120 First Aid Rare Action  
104 Flame Thrower Rare Discovery Item 
115 Flaming Pillars Rare Obstacle Trap 
040 Forced Draw Common Action  
035 Forward Momentum Common Action  
078 Fuel Tank Uncommon Discovery Item 
092 Future Investment Uncommon Action  

G (8)

064 Garden Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
137 Gemini, Thrill Seeker Rare Upgrade Power 3 
089 Giant Spider Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
110 Golden Key Rare Discovery Item 
054 Gorge Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
080 Grappling Hook Uncommon Discovery Item 
084 Green Dragonette Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
020 Guardian Common Obstacle Creature 

H (6)

155 Hazard Pay Ultra Rare Secret Move  
072 Heartstone Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
217 Heavy Firepower Promo Action  
044 Hidden Attack Common Action  
058 Hidden Niche Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
009 Hidden Switch Common Discovery Trigger 

I (3)

125 Increase Threat Rare Action  
123 Infighting Rare Action  
028 Inspiration Common Action  

J (3)

146 Jade Mask Rare Treasure Power 1 
063 Jungle Path Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
124 Just Reward Rare Action  

K (1)

085 Killer Bees Uncommon Obstacle Creature 

L (15)

052 Lagoon Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
130 Lara Croft, Anthropologist Rare Raider Power 2 
135 Lara Croft, Champion Rare Upgrade Power 5 
128 Lara Croft, Commando Rare Raider Power 1 
134 Lara Croft, Daredevil Rare Upgrade Power 4 
129 Lara Croft, Gymnast Rare Raider Power 2 
131 Lara Croft, Martial Artist Rare Raider Power 3 
126 Lara Croft, Mercenary Rare Raider Power 1 
219 Lara Croft, Renegade Promo Upgrade Power 4 
127 Lara Croft, Scholar Rare Raider Power 1 
132 Lara Croft, Survivor Rare Upgrade Power 2 
133 Lara Croft, Trail Blazer Rare Upgrade Power 3 
087 Leopard Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
083 Lightning Trap Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
143 Lord Drake Rare Raider Power 1 

M (8)

102 M16 Assault Rifle Rare Discovery Item 
077 M16 Clip Uncommon Discovery Item 
006 Machete Common Discovery Item 
043 Malfunction Common Action  
140 Marianis, Puppet Master Rare Upgrade Power 3 
156 Miracle Maneuver Ultra Rare Secret Move  
142 Mr. Suit Rare Raider Power 1 
226 Murphy's Law Promo Action  

N (2)

070 Narrow Ledge Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
039 Nine Lives Common Action  

O (2)

065 Obscured Tunnel Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
046 Old Tricks Common Action  

P (6)

145 Panthar Rare Raider Power 1 
153 Peaceful Solutions Ultra Rare Secret Move  
034 Perfect Shot Common Action  
138 Pisces, Test Subject Rare Upgrade Power 3 
105 Poison Dart Rare Discovery Item 
018 Pressure Plate Common Obstacle Trap 

Q (2)

103 Quad Bike Rare Discovery Item 
082 Quagmire Uncommon Obstacle Trap 

R (13)

094 Race to the Finish Uncommon Action  
090 Raptor Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
061 Raptor Nest Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
118 Raptor Pack Rare Obstacle Creature 
051 Ravine Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
081 Razor Disks Uncommon Obstacle Trap 
025 Razor Grass Common Obstacle Trap 
047 Refresh Common Action  
042 Reload Common Action  
056 River Rapids Uncommon Location Lost Valley Water 
005 Rocket Common Discovery Item 
101 Rocket Launcher Rare Discovery Item 
088 Rolling Blades Uncommon Obstacle Trap 

S (21)

225 Sandstorm Promo Action  
031 Search and Destroy Common Action  
121 Secret Identity Rare Action  
108 Secret Location Rare Discovery Trigger 
221 Secret Surveillance Promo Action  
093 Secrets Betrayed Uncommon Action  
122 Separate Paths Rare Action  
136 Sergeant Steel, Veteran Rare Upgrade Power 3 
149 Serpent Stone Rare Treasure Power 2 
095 Setbacks Uncommon Action  
113 Shutoff Switch Rare Discovery Trigger 
045 Slow Progress Common Action  
023 Snake Pit Common Obstacle Creature 
158 Solo Endeavor Ultra Rare Secret Move  
022 Spiders Common Obstacle Creature 
029 Staying Ahead Common Action  
010 Stopwatch Common Discovery Item 
037 Stymied Common Action  
036 Surrounded Common Action  
069 Swamp Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
017 Switch Puzzle Common Obstacle Trap 

T (16)

117 T Rex Rare Obstacle Creature 
004 T-Rex Lair Common Location Lost Valley 
016 Tar Pits Common Obstacle Trap 
109 Tent Rare Discovery Item 
099 The Greater Prize Uncommon Action  
154 The Right Moves Ultra Rare Secret Move  
012 Thick Fog Common Obstacle Trap 
086 Tiger Uncommon Obstacle Creature 
106 Tranquilizer Dart Rare Discovery Item 
068 Tree Canopy Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
071 Tree House Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
002 Tribal Village Common Location Lost Valley 
014 Tribal Warrior Common Obstacle Creature 
152 Trick Shot Ultra Rare Secret Move  
032 Trigger Trap Common Action  
062 Tropical Stream Uncommon Location Lost Valley 

U (3)

100 Unfair Advantage Uncommon Action  
053 Upper Ridge Uncommon Location Lost Valley 
096 Use the Angles Uncommon Action  

V (1)

067 Valley Floor Uncommon Location Lost Valley 

W (3)

015 Wasps Common Obstacle Creature 
019 Whitewater Rapids Common Obstacle Trap 
013 Witchdoctor Common Obstacle Creature 

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