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The Treasure Vault

You have entered The Treasure Vault. You must be very skilled to have made it through the maze of twisty little passages. But your journey is not yet over. Search for all the treasure you can find - some of it is hidden, and if you're not careful, you could find yourself at the wrong end of a flame thrower...

  • General information
  • Card Lists and Galleries
    • Official card lists and galleries for all sets.
    • Want to find a specific card? Try the Card Finder.
    • The official Tomb Raider CCG trading site is in full operation. It's the best place to find the cards you need.

  • Other links

  • Many of the ex-Avatars maintain excellent web sites devoted (at least partially) to the Tomb Raider CCG. Check out

  • Precedence also made other fine games...
    • The Babylon 5 CCG is Precedence's flagship product in the CCG market.
    • The Rifts CCG transforms Palladium's role-playing game into a fast-paced CCG.
    • The Wheel of Time CCG brings the Robert Jordan series to life!
    • The Star Legions CMG was going to be Precedence's first foray into the collectable miniatures market.

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